LoG Conference

LoG Conference

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Mañana arranca esta conferencia. Se puede seguir gratis.

Las plenarias seguramente estén buenas, y pueden chusmear la agenda por si encuentran más cosas que les interesen.





Thank you for the interest in Learning on Graph conference! As the conference is approaching in next Monday, we are excited to share with you the instructions to attend LoG 2023:


First of all, you can find our schedule (featuring keynotes from Jure Leskovec, Andreas Loukas, Kyle Cranmer and Stefanie Jegelka, various tutorials, orals and poster sessions) on our website: https://logconference.org/.


All the talks will be livestreamed on Zoom and YouTube with poster sessions and sponsor sessions on GatherTown, here are the relevant links:


Zoom: https://ucla.zoom.us/j/92429677108?pwd=ZnFQOTc2a2FMMDFlUHpLRWNYRUh2QT09

YouTube livestream: https://www.youtube.com/@learningongraphs

GatherTown: https://app.gather.town/app/etG6JBKcR2u5Qp4q/LOG%20Conference%202023


In the meantime, please checkout the local meetup around you for in person events! Here are the available meetups currently:


Let us know if you have any questions!


LoG team